Visible sound – documentation by Danny Becher

Visible sound in water

Cymatic film and photos of sound resonance in water  – VISIBLE SOUND –
An audio-visual experience: what you see is what you hear.  –

This film is a registration of sound-resonance in water, made visible by the reflection of light.

There are 2 parts:
Part 1.Film: Sound-resonance in water
Part 2.Cymatic Photo Show: Sound-resonance in water

Part 1.Film:  Sound-resonance in water
duration 30:14 min.
Film: by Danny Becher
Music by Danny Becher and TONUS-Ensemble

Subtitles and music:

1. DIDJERIDOU – by Pauli Mårsén
2. EARTH – by TONUS – Taiko drum, stones, darabuka, talking drum a.o.
3. TIBETAN BOWLS, GONGS and VOICE – Danny Becher
4. WATER – by TONUS Ensemble Stockholm – Peo Hagfeldt, Pauli Mårsén, Danny Becher
5. A SOULS SONG – from Touched by sound – Danny Becher
6. DIDJERIDOU – by Pauli Mårsén
7. BUTTERFLY SONG – Crystal singing bowls – Danny Becher

Part 2.Cymatic Photo Show:  Sound-resonance in water
duration 21:40 min.
98 photos – All photos and music by Danny Becher

Subtitles and sound tracks:

8. BUTTERFLY SONG – (part 2) – Crys

tal singing bowls
9. AEOLIAN FINGERPRINT – Lithophone / tuned rajasthani granite stones

Total time of the DVD 51:54 min. 

Sound mandalas Danny BecherCymatic film by Danny Becher

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